Mr. Miles Leather Messenger Laptop Bag

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Mr. Miles Messenger Bag: Where Classic Meets Contemporary!

Remember the days when quality was everything, and your heroes strolled the streets, trusty messenger bag in tow, filled with secrets and intrigue? Picture those moments of nostalgia, a classic Perry Mason movie, or a thrilling law blockbuster, where the protagonist relied on their trusty messenger bag to carry all those confidential documents. Well, we've taken that classic concept and given it a modern twist, creating the Mr. Miles Messenger Bag, a testament to timeless quality and style.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, this messenger bag is a true classic for the modern world. The corners are meticulously stitched from all four sides, not just for durability but as fascinating details that set it apart. The result is a bag that captures the essence of old-school charm with a contemporary edge.

Whether you're heading to the office or jet-setting on a business trip, the Mr. Miles Messenger Bag is your ideal companion. With three well-organized divisions inside, you can keep your laptop, notebook, documents, and more perfectly sorted. No more rummaging around for that important file; everything has its place.

But what truly makes this bag stand out is the belt strap in the front. It's not just a functional addition but a striking detail that adds an extra touch of style for the discerning seeker of fashion. It's the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, just like you.

The Chuupul Leather Mr. Miles Messenger Bag is more than just a bag; it's a statement. It's a nod to the past, a celebration of quality, and a symbol of style that transcends time. So, step into the world of classic elegance with a contemporary twist, and carry your essentials in a bag that's truly extraordinary. Elevate your style with the Mr. Miles Messenger Bag – because some things never go out of fashion.

Grab yours today to leave an impression that’ll stay for a while!

  • Created from thick, vegetable-tanned, full-grain cow leather 3x inside sleeves for fitting up to a 14” laptop on one side and other essentials on the other side
  • Complete with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Stands upright
  • Low-maintenance


11.02 inches Height x 14.57 in Width

28cm Height x 37 cm Width


1.99 pounds  

.900 kilo