The Food, Beaches and Instagram-Worthy Sites of Tulum

While driving cross country through Mexico, I learned about this new and upcoming tourist attraction...Tulum.  I was told its a must see; I would definitely agree. 

Tulum is a magical place. This small town in the Mexican Caribbean is surrounded by the greenest tropical rain forest, and it offers white-sand beaches, a beautiful, warm climate, an endless blue shore and the most stylish bohemian feel. 


Although there’s much to see and do in Downtown Tulum, the magic happens in the touristic area, a one-lane that runs along the seashore. It’s here where you’ll find gorgeous restaurants, boutique hotels, beach clubs, the most stunning archeological sites and sinkholes. To understand Tulum, you must experience it. Still, here are our favorite "Instagram-able" sites, food and beaches in Tulum. Let’s get started!

The Best Beaches in Tulum

Tulum runs for roughly seven miles from the Temple of the Wind God up north to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve to the south. The entire stretch has access to the beach, and all beaches are public. And although some stretches of sand are narrow and others are wide, there are literally hundreds of neat spots to lie down and enjoy the radiant sunlight! 

Some unique beaches in and around Tulum include Xcacel, which has its own sinkhole or cenote, the Xcacelito! Playa Paraíso is another nice beach just a stone-throw away from the Mayan temple; it has plenty of shade under its scattered palm trees — you don’t want to miss it.

The Sian Ka’an reserve has beaches as well, and you won’t find as many sunbathers here as compared to the beaches up north. Keep in mind, turtles do visit these shores every year to lay their eggs, so authorities might restrict access anytime from May to October. 

Don’t miss some of the most relaxing beach clubs around Tulum, including Coco Beach Tulum and the super chick Papaya Playa Project. You can spend the whole morning here and come back after sundown for the raviest parties in Mexico!

Sightseeing in Tulum

The best way of experiencing Tulum is by renting a bicycle. Taxis are expensive, and there’s always a traffic jam leading to the tourist zone, anyway! Head on early to the Temple of the Wind God — it sits on a cliff overlooking the turquoise shoreline. You can walk around the well-preserved archeological site in an hour or so. 

You’ll also want to take a selfie with the awe-inspiring wood-carved sculpture called ‘come to the light’ in the background. If you’ve seen pictures of Tulum, you know this gentle giant is a must-visit. 

The Azulik hotel & restaurant is also a sight to behold. Think of a five-star treehouse, but that’s still an understatement. If you can stay here, do so. If you can’t, at least visit the beautiful hotel or have dinner here at least once!

And not all Insta-worthy sites are manmade in Tulum; explore the Kaan Luum Lagoon six miles west of Tulum for a truly beautiful site! The calm waters are gorgeous here, and there’s no seaweed in sight (yes, seaweed piling up on the beaches is a thing sometimes.)

What to Eat in Tulum?

You need not walk far before finding a nice spot to grab something to eat in Tulum. From exclusive restaurants with impressive wine cellars like Mía, inside the Selina hostel, to Italian eateries like La Nave and Manglar (they have the tastiest thin-crust pizza in the city!) every meal in Tulum is outstanding.


Local seafood or burgers, fresh coconuts or meaty tacos, Tulum has something for everyone and all budgets. And for drinks, barhopping is what you do in Tulum, so just walk along Tulum’s main street and follow the music! 

Tulum is a Life-Changing Experience!

This is just a drop in the bucket. There’s lots to do in Tulum; it’s an authentic playground! Consider yourself warned, though — you won’t want to leave! The good news? Tulum will always be there waiting for you, and the better you know your way around it, the more you fall in love with the laid-back coastal town. 

Remember, travel light, stay hydrated and take lots of pictures! You’ll love Tulum; that’s guaranteed!



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