Hong Kong - Lights, Color, Action

Travelling in Hong Kong

Loud shouts of Cantonese direct your attention to busy market vendors while traffic rushes quickly behind you. Above your head, colorful signs and advertisements tell you to stop and look. You’re standing in the middle of one of the most unique cities in the world: Hong Kong.  

How to travel in Hong Kong

For the most part, the efficient MTR (Mass Transit Railway) system takes you everywhere you need to go. Branching out from business districts to the border of mainland China, trains run at average intervals of 3 – 5 minutes. Double-decker buses, minibusses, and taxis act as a support network to reach more rural areas.

To get the best of both worlds, locals recommend taking the tram (affectionately called Ding Ding) and ferries. Not only are they historical icons, these unique transport double as sightseeing tours across Hong Kong Island and Victoria harbor. 

 Things to See

Home to a beautiful coastline, urban and rural parks, seaside villages, and historical temples, variety is essential for traveling in Hong Kong. Don’t just stick to shopping malls when there’s so much to explore!

Victoria Peak

Gasping in awe as the old tram climbs up the steep incline is a must-have Hong Kong experience. One of the oldest funiculars globally, this iconic Peak Tram delivers you straight to the top of Victoria Peak for prime skyline views.

 Harbor promenade

You might have heard of the Avenue of Stars, where famous actors and artists have left behind their handprints. It’s also the spot for Hong Kong’s 8PM light show across the harbor. Alternatively, picnic at Tamar Park; the tiered park leads right up to Central’s harbor-front promenade. 

Big Buddha

Take the Ngong Ping cable car for 360-degree views over Lantau – only to climb more steps up to the Big Buddha. This gigantic statute can be seen from miles away, sitting at the crest of forested mountains.

Street Markets

The tinkling of chimes, red-threaded bronzeware, and other trinkets make a familiar sight across Hong Kong’s street markets. Local snacks, rows of "tourist-y" Tees, and other souvenirs line the most famous Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market, and Stanley Market.

Amusement Parks

Ocean Park is a local favorite; this homegrown amusement park boasts cliff-side rollercoasters and a fantastic aquarium. For the dreamers, Disneyland offers an extraordinary train ride and fireworks to wrap up your adventures.

Parks & Gardens

Green spaces pop up around the city to feature both historical monuments and bicycle trails. Hop from Hong Kong Park & Botanical Garden to the expansive Kowloon Park, or catch a glimpse of traditional pagodas at Nan Lian Garden and Kowloon Walled City Park.

Hiking & Beach trips

Hiking is a weekend activity that everyone pursues. Lion’s Rock and Dragon’s Back are two popular trails, but none so challenging as the 100-kilometers MacLehose Trail! For sandy excess, drop by Repulse Bay, Stanley, and Clear Water Bay to properly enjoy Hong Kong’s coastline.


Indeed a city that never sleeps, you can paint the town red across the districts. Hit up infamous Lan Kwai Fong for the sleekest bars and clubs, or wind down at the pubs in Wan Chai. For a happy medium, Knutsford Terrace offers bars with more laidback vibes. 


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