Get on the Plane – Exploring the African Diaspora

In America, when we discuss getting on a plane to go somewhere, it’s common to assume that the travel is within the country. Frequently visited places such as New York, California, Miami, and Atlanta are just a few of the many places that are packed all year round with “tourists.” But that isn’t real tourism. On the surface, travel can simply be about seeing new places, but underneath, especially for Black men and women, it can be so much more when you open your horizons to the cultures that make us who we are today.

Experience Our Culture

Identity-based representation in traveling is not happening as much as it should. On average, Black Americans spend roughly 63 billion dollars on travel annually. However, most of the money for young people is being spent on leisure trips to popular entertainment spots. Although we have immense pride in our culture and appreciate our ancestors, we need to explore the lands that built the heritage we know and love.

The preservation of African culture extends past American borders. Cultural tourism fosters a proper understanding of where we came from and provides a sense of community pride that can’t truly be done within the States. By making the decision to travel abroad to places like Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, and all around the African Diaspora, you have a unique opportunity to learn and experience what was not always available to our people. The free-will to travel back to your home last was once a denial for our ancestors. By rediscovering the heritage that was taken so aggressively from us, we can form a genuine appreciation for these beautiful places we once called home.

Historical Reflection of Travel

With everything that the year has brought, now more than ever, it is imperative that we get in touch with our culture as monumental shifts have taken place. Create a wave of pride, interest, respect, and hope for countries that have given us so much of who we are in this world. By making the decision to step outside of your comfort zone and explore these beautiful places, you tap into a social and cultural awareness that you couldn’t get in the past.

The privilege of all that we have in America is not the same in other areas of the world, and it’s important to explore that and reflect on the different perspectives you are able to have from these travels. For some, you may find a new appreciation for life and the subtle opportunities that are presented. For others, this experience may prompt them to dig deeper within their heritage and immerse themselves in all they have been missing from their culture. In many places where there are current systematic obstructions, there are voices that tell us to return to our roots, be aware of the global dialogue that is happening and be present. It’s more than just going to a music festival or a social costume party. There needs to be more cross-continental discourse of connecting Black Americans across the diaspora.


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