Quality & Equality...There are other options than typical high-end brands.

The year 2022 marks the beginning of a new season of redefinition. This year, we’ve done a lot of reflection and reevaluation, which has given birth to many epiphanies. In these moments of discovery, we’ve begun to redefine old narratives we’ve followed, rules that were never questioned, standards we held, and even goals and aspirations that we once had. In 2022, we redefined how we viewed happiness, personal fulfillment, and what we actually need in life. By including values like sustainability, sourcing, and diversity, we’ve begun the beautiful journey of redefining “luxury.”

Luxury was once defined solely by price tag and legacy brand names, but now consumers have expanded their palates and used their hearts and values as the mark of quality. For luxury leather goods, as well as many other products, the consumers are in for a treat. 

They’ve been able to find new brands, designers, and leather goods manufacturers who are diverse, from a wide range of identities and backgrounds, as well as those who are guided by their core principles in every step of the process. Consumers have been spoiled by the discovery of new creatives, hand-crafted items, and incredible design and style. 

If you’ve perused any fashion discords or Reddit threads over the last couple of years, then you know that the high-end luxury legacy brands have been on the decline in quality. There are a litany of comments about chipping, breaking and cracking, stitching issues, inconsistency, and issues manufacturers of such stature shouldn’t have. What’s hit loyal consumers more than anything is the fact that these quality issues don’t come from a lack of resources, it comes from a lack of care. 

At Chuupul, we take deep pride and give top priority to the consumer experience. We have a direct relationship with our leather suppliers to ensure quality in every aspect. 

We want the consumers to feel the leather and view the craftsmanship, the customer care, the integrity, the careful design, as well as the heart and soul. 

 Luxury personified - luxury redefined. 


Bags are not only meant to add your stuff and essentials in, but elegant bags mean much more. Your bags selection adds charm to your style and makes you more sophisticated.  

If you are longing to get a durable and high-quality bag, your Chuupul bag is waiting for you.